With a creative bent of mind and a burning desire to do something different; Mangesh’s passion blossomed into yet another exciting venture; only this time with a more glamorous tint to it.

Falcon Fashions is amongst the top leading manufacturers and producers of fashion apparel; for Men, Women and Children.


The venture is a specialization in authentic and fashionable manufacturing of garments that are a best fit for each and every size for men, women and children. As per standard or customized requirements; Falcon Manufacturers are equipped with the finest quality of apparels made for everyone who loves fine clothing.


The elegant and elite style quotient, unique fabric selection, intricate designs and outstanding tailoring make this brand class apart. Modern and varied technology set up at Falcon Manufacturing makes it possible for the team to come out with a variety of apparel that matches each and every style quotient.


Recognized for its quality, sense of style and economical pricing; Falcon is one of the most sought-after brands in today’s market. With its incredible output pleasing fashionistas all over; it has now collaborated with a number of companies and is also pioneering numerous custom designs and fabrics.


Sensing the pulse of the customer’s love for fashion; Falcon manufacturers strive every way to meet each and every requirement. With intricate detailing in stitching and designing; this fashion apparel has set high standards with high-quality fabrics and attention to detail for each of the outfits that is being produced here.


With the objective of building long term relationships with customers; Falcon was envisioned to bring quality fashion for all fashion lovers. In a bid to create seamless fashion experience; Falcon customers are the most delighted and happy customers who prefer to come back and choose the brand again and again over other brands.

Whether you are in search of a manufacturer for your existing store or are looking to

create your own fashion label, Falcon Manufacturers is just a call away from you.