Entrepreneurship Training


To spread his knowledge and to help those who are willing to give it a shot to experiencing entrepreneurial success; Mangesh started training and workshops to impart knowledge. His workshops are comprehensive and are typically designed to make professionals business ready in every sense. Imparting real-life business lessons to strengthen the participants’ confidence; Mangesh has created a versatile and agile syllabus for all. The workshops are related to the business world and teach the participants the finer nuances of business in the best possible way to prepare them for the business world.



While he expands his businesses; he also absorbs new and ambitious talent as a part of this initiative through Internships. This initiative is a way of giving exposure to on-job challenges and solutions to prepare any fresher to face the industry with gusto and confidence while also gaining knowledge and subject matter expertise in whatever he chooses to learn.

The idea is to guide and instill training for new engineers, IT professionals and also counsel them to prepare them for a business venture.

This internship is a result of all the experience and expertise gathered by Mangesh over the years and it is a way of helping and shaping the future of the youth.

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