Film Production

Story telling through films is by far one of the most influential ways of impacting the minds of the audience. A story has a power to transform, to change and to reform. A story told through a visual medium such as a film can be building blocks towards a progressive society or a revolt against a regressive society. With film story telling you can choose your own battles and choose a cause that can bring about any change.

Film production is one of the most critical aspects of film making.


Mangesh’s vision to bring about change in the society matches the very motive of film making. He therefore decided to venture into film production with a sole purpose of clubbing the two entities of enlightenment with entertainment and through this impeccable combination to convey inspirational messages to people in an artistic way that stay them forever. Through a lot of variety of films his films comprise of short films, corporate films, infomercials, internet movies and documentaries.


With the aim to provide an enriching experience to people through his films; he produces one of a kind cinema that people can identify with. With immense film making knowledge he produces films right from the story, concept, ideation, visualization, screenwriting as well as all the logistics including location hunt and pother production values. Armed with the latest equipment, cameras, sound recording, shooting tools and casting his venture is growing and he is coming up with exciting films that promise to thrill and charm people all around the world.

He strives to become fully featured production house known to provide world-class, elite and unique cinema globally.


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