Mangesh loves photography for many reasons such as Recording Events and Capturing Memories, Brain Feed, Creativity, Preserving New Peoples’ meeting memories and so on.

He also loves to maintain all captured memories in digital as well as physical format so as to share and discuss about it during family and friends get together. As a popular Idiom says that "A Picture paints a thousand words".

He believes that all captured memories become a part of your history. For having Fun, one can have so many opportunities with the camera to do new, interesting and fun things which he might not have done otherwise.

Mangesh thinks that with photography, Irrespective of your age, with curious mind having camera in hand unleash the opportunities for learning combination of light and frame in line with appropriate setting of aperture, shutter speed and iso to capture the memories.


In his free time Mangesh likes to do hiking with friends and trekking groups. He really enjoys exerting while hiking as a part of his fitness activity.

While hiking, he loves to chat with friends, discuss current affairs, and understand the personal and professional lives of friends.

At the same time, the incredible environment, the variety of beautiful chirping birds and moving animals, scenic views as well as feeling of mountain pulling shawl of lush green trees and colorful flowers, awakens his consciousness and sets a new hope for life.


As Mangesh is basically a creative personality, sculpture is also his favorite subject.

One of the most important aspects of Mangesh's artistic intellect is his eloquent craft, which is something innovative and informative with its abandoned approach to creativity.

Mangesh's future plans in the field of sculpture are to create sculptures that give the impression of real life and to give people an unforgettable experience through it.


Whatever the game, Mangesh has always been curious about it. He still loves to play cricket, football, volleyball, badminton, chess, carom, cards, car racing, horse riding, drone racing, robot fight, etc.

Whether it is a professional life or a private life, Mangesh always encourages himself and others to play.

According to him, sport develops many aspects of a person such as ability to digest defeat, stability after winning, teamwork, coordination, developing occasional and verbal ability, staying in public, respecting, forgiving, working hard, adopting different tricks, maintaining physical fitness, being creative and maintaining thinking ability. Mangesh has also explained the importance of sports in detail in his various books.


Mangesh's love and choice of music is a gift from nature. Music conveys the message of different emotions and situations to one's conscience very gracefully.

In a fast paced life, cultivating a passion for music relieves daily stress and develops creativity which inspires one to work with new vigor again. Knowing this,

Mangesh cultivates love for music and also composes it. Mangesh has been involved in creation of classical, pop, jazz, rock, EDM, trance and fusion types of music. Mangesh believes that music has given his life a different shape and harmony.


Movies are a very effective way to communicate with people. Mangesh developed a different passion for films as he watched a variety of action, thriller, suspense, drama, fictional films while in his school and college days. It made him realize that this is not just a normal movie but a complete school through which history, geography, sociology, politics, economics, technology and human emotions can be addressed in an excellent way.

With the narrative of the film one can choose his own battle and choose a reason that can bring a change and make a difference. As a result, Mangesh's fascination, curiosity and love for it grew and it was transformed into a film production.

According to him, there is a thing in everyone's life like a movie, if everyone puts the context of the movie in their daily life, one's life will be very easy and the dream will come true.


Acting is a practice that has been prevalent in society for many years. As we know, we all do drama in our regular routine life in our personal and professional life.

But we never think that someone can imitate what we do and say every day, or that we can imitate someone else. If we think a little and take steps in that direction then it is possible to play a drama for various situations.

Close observation of an object, a person, or the situation around it is a virtue of Mangesh's nature, so he could easily imitate it. And thus he has kept the love of drama alive till date.


If everyone gets some time, he reads a book, spends some time on social media or some news or on YouTube. What exactly everyone gets out of this? A little relief from stress.

Mangesh developed a hobby of reading books on various subjects in his school and college life.

He benefited from this hobby as follows.
- Reading helps to relax
- One can read anywhere and anytime
- It doesn't cost much
- Reading lowers stress levels
- Reading makes sleep better
- It improves vocabulary
- Reading improves knowledge
- Increases memory and concentration
- Increases imagination
- It also helps everyone understand their writing style and develop their own writing style.

Mangesh has been fond of reading till date.

Creative Writing

Like other hobbies, Mangesh has a passion for creative writing. Mangesh thinks that when the writer writes with a relaxed mind, he can express himself freely.

The writer can give a great message to the reader through his writing by combining his life experiences as well as his creative intelligence.

When Mangesh made some business related articles available to the needy and the response he got from them made Mangesh fall in love with writing and through his seven books, Mangesh has made available to the readers such an excellent piece of creative writing by touching on various topics like business, social, leadership, environment, technology, humanity. . Mangesh has continued his writing on various topics till today.


When a person wants to express himself, he wants to express his favorite words in a figurative way. It can be an expression of love, of life's joys and sorrows, of alienation or self-motivation.

If we can express these feelings through poetry, the mind feels lightened and it helps to get rid of the stress of the day. It also helps in rejuvenation in daily routine work and professional life.

This was experienced by Mangesh and he composed his favorite poems and later composed songs with the addition of music. Knowing that everyone can cultivate a hobby if they take some time for themselves from their daily life, Mangesh cultivates the hobby of composing poetry as much as he can.


The saying "Save Trees, Plant Trees" is something we often see around us in the garden, on the side of the road, or in other public places. In college life, Mangesh was associated with various social organizations that were working for the education of people below the poverty line, raising their living standards, as well as planting trees. Inspired by this,

Mangesh has set up his own social organization and carries out various activities for the upliftment of society and environment. Since Mangesh is fond of wandering in the hills, forts and forests,
Mangesh is constantly and enthusiastically carrying out activities like observing various types of trees, gathering information about them and also conducting joint programs with the Forest Department. While working for the environment,

Mangesh has written various articles such as "Green Human Resource Management" on how to connect with the business world to nurture the environment. Mangesh enjoys spending time for tree care and usually engages in this activity on Saturdays and Sundays.


Physical fitness is an important thing for everyone. In everyday busy life usually the body is a little neglected by everyone so in the forties or fifties we have to face some ailments.

As we play various games like childhood, the body's immunity is maintained. But in professional life, eating out and hardly working out physically has to spend the rest of your life on medicine. Mangesh, who is basically a sportsman, has given priority to Physical fitness.

Mangesh practices daily exercise, breathing techniques as well as running and occasional trekking with various groups. Physical fitness is of special importance in Mangesh's life and he inspires others to do the same.


If Spicy food comes in front of anyone then it surely becomes mouth watering for them. Isn’t it? Mangesh has a special interest in different cultures in India and their different eating habits like Panipuri, Ragada Pattis, Chaat Sizzler, Maharashtrian, Punjabi, Gujarati, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Udpi and Kashmiri food.

Since creative intelligence is basically a feature of Mangesh, in addition to this, Mangesh's specialty is to create new foods with various combinations and mixtures.

Mangesh loves to cook Indian-style meals on earthenware and in earthenware pots. Mangesh loves to prepare food with his own hands and serve it to others which brings ultimate satisfaction in him.

Bird Watching

If we look at the various colorful birds, we can see how this is an alchemy of nature. More than man can imagine and paint it with different colors, nature has created beautiful, attractive and captivating designs of various birds.

Mangesh has taken up the hobby of bird watching so that the efforts of this nature should be given full scope. Mangesh and his ornithologist friend experience the wonderful experience of communicating with the birds in their voices, just like the heavenly bliss we get when we play with small children.

If you have a hobby, then you know nature well, this is what Mangesh experienced as a bird watcher.


The process of handwriting analysis is called graphology. Are you an open, outgoing, extrovert or skeptical, or arrogant, or pragmatic person who has a tendency to lie? You can tell by the way you write. According to the graphology, the style of one's handwriting can determine his personality type. Mangesh was always curious in school life as to who was more beautiful or less handwritten than him. Later, by reading a few books about graphology, he has increased his knowledge a little. In this he still considers himself a novice and is trying to become more proficient in it. But as a hobby he still likes to observe new handwriting.


Running has many health benefits. Especially

- Improves your productivity of the day
- Improves heart health
- Improves metabolism
- Joints’ health remains healthy
- Improves mental health
- Sleep is good
- Helps to create consistency

Mangesh experienced all the above in his school life so even today Mangesh likes to do running as a part of his exercise.


Cycling is a type of aerobic activity that exercises your heart, blood vessels and lungs. It also allows you to breathe deeply, sweat, and to a lesser extent raise your body temperature, which helps keep your body healthy. Regular cycling has many health benefits such as

-Increases cardiovascular fitness
-Increases muscle strength and flexibility
-Increases joint mobility
-Reducing stress levels
-Improved posture and coordination are maintained
-The bones become stronger
-Decreasing body fat levels
-Boosts the immune system
-Reduced anxiety and depression.

Due to all these factors, Mangesh not only does cycling himself but also motivates others to do it.

Martial Arts/Kung Fu/Karate/Kick Boxing

Mangesh used to play judo, karate and kung fu in his school life. Along with physical and mental health, self-defense also develops with this sport. These sports not only focus on improving physical fitness but also develop a positive attitude towards sports in general as well as build self-confidence, discipline, self-esteem and courtesy to others.

At the same time, various aspects such as emotional health, limiting aggression and concentration are also developed. Mangesh still enjoys martial arts, judo, karate, kung fu, taekwondo and aikido. He loves to watch movies and web series based on it. Mangesh also encourages his friends, relatives and others to educate their children about this and for training.


Drawing and painting is one of the hobbies that gives you the opportunity to relax, enjoy, exercise patience, develop creative intellect, freedom of thought, inspirational activities and creative learning at the same time.

You can’t imagine your life without colors and the essence of the color lies in its color combination. Mangesh loves drawing and painting in harmony with nature


Gardening is actually taking care of the trees like a child. Timely watering, spraying of pesticides, application of fertilizers and maintaining cleanliness, it takes hardly 20 minutes in a day, but the feeling of serving the plants, trees and nature arises in the mind. After getting tired from work, the mind becomes calm and happy by seeing the green plants and the colorful flowers on them.

There is a selfless feeling in the mind while doing all these actions, that is why it helps to keep the mind calm. Gardening helps to instill respect and affection for plants and nature in young children at home.

Mangesh has taken up the hobby of gardening and cultivating plants with all his heart.

Prototypes Making

The Invention is finding solutions to problems and adding technology to it. Man is constantly striving to make human life easier, to sustain human existence, to reduce human labor, to consume goods and services through available resources, and is constantly innovating for it.

Mangesh has pursued this as a hobby in a slightly different way. That is, he likes to create different patterns to solve small problems and encourages budding youth to convert those patterns into products through start up business and provide services to the people through these products.

Mangesh has some ideas that if he gets a chance in the future, he would like to create his own designs like edible or reusable eco-friendly toys, solar powered moving roads, battery powered wheel based shoes, color changing clothes, electricity producing through solar garden etc.

Aeroplanes and Cars

Mangesh has a special interest in bikes, cars and planes. When he found out that Apple Company is soon going to launch its driverless, electric and internet car, Mangesh was overjoyed.

He is passionate about flying bikes, flying cars, planes and spaceships in the future. If Mangesh gets a chance, he would like to make his own designs of flying bikes, flying cars, planes and spaceships. Along with this, Mangesh would love to make a flying suit. In this way, Mangesh experiences this imaginary future of flying bikes, flying cars, flying suit and spaceships through his dreams.

Robotics & AI

Robotics and Artificial intelligence is going to change more than any other change in the history of mankind. Probably more than the search for electricity. With data collection and analysis as well as the connectivity of the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence is expanding into the areas of Transportation, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Education, Publicity and Media, and Customer Service.

Mangesh has a special interest in learning artificial intelligence to learn how the machine works by learning from the machine in the future.

Exploring Space & Space Technologies

What is the Universe? Just as innumerable molecules in an air-filled balloon revolve around the nucleus or because of centripetal force of some source, so does our solar system, the galaxy and the entire universe revolve around its source.

Everything from tiny molecules to the solar system, galaxies and black holes, its structure remains the same. Such electrons, planets, solar systems, galaxies orbit the Nucleus, Sun, the Galaxy and the Universe. All revolve around one center like electrons and it is intact to the center with centripetal force. Same way, we also revolve around a center in our personal, professional as well as spiritual life and we are engaged in that cycle as long as no external force affects us. If we refer to it in our day to day life, anything small or big or past, present and future are all human limitations and it all depends on our point of view of seeing and observing each and every object. Just as molecules collide with each other as they move, so the universe moves and affects us.

In order to ensure that the existence of the earth will not be ruled out one day due to the movements in the universe or climate change on the Earth or the internal movements in the Earth, all nations are researching and trying to establish human settlements on other planets in their solar system.

Mangesh is aware of these facts and would love to work in it if he is invited by business or some research organisation in the future. This has created a special interest in space and space technologies with Mangesh.