Fund Raising:

All businesses need funding at some point of time. Funding, enough resources and also a good strategic approach to starting any venture is the need of the time. There is a lot of talent in the market but some of this talent cannot be unleashed due to lack of funds, lack of resources and other challenges. To help such people overcome such obstacles and bring their ideas into the market and implement them; Mangesh decided to step in and reach out.

Forming a group of fundraisers, shareholders and the likes of those who can support any new, small and mid-sized start-ups; this initiative has helped a lot of young minds to march ahead in the world of business with confidence.



Apart from fund raising; Mangesh has also set up resources such as outside investors, promoters who help, support and promote small time businesses, investor participation that can in a way lend support and help kick-start start-ups and other small and mid-sized businesses that have a lot of potential.

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